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Hurricane & Emergency Preparation

St. Leo Town Seal
Town of St.Leo
34544 State Road 52
Saint Leo, FL 33574

Fire Permits
Contact TypeContact Information
Kerry Barnett, Fire Inspector
P.O. Box 2479
34544 SR 52
Saint Leo, FL 33574
8 A.M. - 4 P.M.
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These are separate permits required through the Town of St. Leo. To obtain a permit, the applicant must submit a Zoning Compliance Application along with the following documents: Contractor’s license, Worker’s Compensation insurance, company liability insurance, plans on the project, product data, spec/cut sheets, and calculations. If additional items are required your company will be notified by our Fire Inspector.
Fire Permit Fees - $50
Fire Sprinkler System
Fire Alarm System
Fire Standpipe Systems
Fire Alarm System
Fire Pump
Fire Underground
Commercial Kitchen Suppression System
Commercial Exhaust Hood
Fuel Tank(s)
LP Gas
Natural Gas
Special Event (Special Event Application would also have to be filled out)
Any Fire Related but not limited to the above
**Working without a permit will incur a fee of $200 in addition to the initial permit fee


Plans are submitted to the Town of St. Leo for the permits listed above. Plans shall be stamped and sealed by an Engineer and/or Architect, unless the fire inspector advises differently. Plan review is normally completed within 10 working days. Once completed, a comment sheet will be attached to the plans and will state if the project was approved or not approved until comments are addressed. The Town of St. Leo will then notify the contractor of such and if the plans are available for pick up along with a permit. The following Plan Review Fees are listed below.

Site Plan              $75 per hour
Multi-Family/Commercial (new construction/remodels)   $.06 per sq ft w/a minimum charge of $25
Fire Sprinkler System   (0 – 25 heads)    $50 per system
Fire Sprinkler System   (over 25 heads)  $100 per system
Standpipe System     $50 per riser
Fire Underground   $50
Fire Alarm    (0 – 25 devices)    $50
Fire Alarm    (over 25 devices)   $100
Fire Pump    $100
Fire Suppression System (all types)   $50
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust (hood/duct)   $50
LP Install    $50 per tank
Natural Gas Install    $50 per meter
Fuel Tank Installation   $50 per tank
Spray Booth    $50


The Town of St. Leo makes every effort to work with the applicant submitting for plan review to ensure plans are submitted correctly. The Town encourages applicants for new construction to set a meeting with the Fire Inspector and building official to answer any questions the applicant may have; however, there are still times revisions have to be completed in order for the project to move forward. For all plans listed above, excluding site plan, the revision fee is double the initial fee.

With regards to new construction, many times the double fee may be eliminated by submitting individual pages (those that changed) and/or an addendum letter to the Town. If done this way, an hourly rate of $75 per hour may be charged. When a complete set is submitted as a revision, a double fee shall be charged, regardless if changes are noted in a letter and/or clouded on the page(s).


Inspections are completed to ensure the construction, remodel, and/or installation was completed in accordance to the plan submitted and applicable Statutes, Standards, and Codes. Without an inspection being conducted, the permit would not be signed off on, thus not allowing the project to be approved. For inspections to take place, the contractor shall call the number on the permit at least 48 hours in advance to be scheduled. The following inspections and fees associated with them are listed below.

Fire/Smoke Walls     $75 per hour
Fire Protection Hydrostatic Test/Rough-In   $75 per hour
Fire Sprinkler Acceptance (final)   $45 per hour
Fire Underground Rough-In    $75 per hour
Fire Underground Final    $75 per hour
Hydrant(s) Flow Test     $75 per hour
Fire Pump Acceptance     $45 per hour
Fire Alarm Rough-In   $75 per hour
Fire Alarm Acceptance   $75 per hour
Fire Suppression Acceptance    $75 per hour
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust (hood/duct)    $75 per hour
LP/Natural Gas Pressure Test   $75 per hour

Tent Inspection    $75 per hour
Special Event     $75 per hour
Fireworks (includes stand-by)    $75 per hour
Emergency Vehicle Access   $50
Any other type of Inspection but not listed above    $75 per hour
Inspections cancelled (less than 24 hours)  Double the Initial Fee


There is generally no charge for meeting with an applicant, contractor, engineer of record, or architect if it relates to the project the permit was obtained. For a meeting to occur, it shall be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance and shall also depend on availability of the Fire Inspector or other parties. This may be a pre-construction meeting or a meeting to go over the inspection process for the total project. Meetings to go over a particular inspection are charged as part of that inspection.